Saturday, December 25, 2010

Bonus Razzle Prompt for Winter Stills - Favorite Words/Scrabble Poem

Greetings Imunurian Poets,
I am imaging us at a winter table, sipping tea. We are enjoying a mellow evening of poem making with scrabble tiles near a roaring fire. Some of the words I might use would include quiescent, quaff, blooming, razzle, bless, sail, and gloaming.  Please feel welcome to make a poem with some of your favorite words (or you could use some of these). Your poem could be spare like a leafless tree or frolicsome as your mood depends. You can write your poem in tiles or letters, evocative haiku or splendid word-fountain, laser beam or galaxy, your choice. Holiday blessings from  : ) Scooter near Solstice 2010

Label: Razzle, Poem

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