Sunday, February 3, 2013

IMUNURI Prompt: Ten and Ten and Ten Again

Oh, don't stop!

This ten-word spark feels rich and rife and has ignited and whizzed off in so many interesting directions!

Let's keep it going with another round of posts or multiple posts holding to the short-short poem idea.

Now that we have ten-worded and ten-word-plexed, you could experiment with new directions inspired by your IMUNURI peers, for instance:
  • Your words could be a repeated chorus as in Scooter's "ten word repeat: wind carries me home"
  • Your words could play on a repeated letter or sound as in Janice Sandeen's "Cant to Ten"
  • You could turn the expectation of how to read a poem on its head like *J*'s "Room and Board"
  • What you can do with words and their sounds and their arrangement! Just look at Ed's "Cheap Trick"
  • You could make an animated GIF poem like Daniel Ari's "delight of discovery," with screen grabs or a graphic program, and a site like GIFninja
And here are some more possible directions--in addition to all of those that you will think of yourself.
 It's pretty amazing what we can do with ten words, give or take. Let's push into new territory with short exformations of thought and language. Test the boundaries. Try stuff. Let the brevity of poetry open up the hugeness of its possibilities.

In short, keep doing what you are doing, IMUNURI poets, and even more.

keywords: poem, your name, tenagain

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