Friday, May 18, 2012

[ ] loose

I've been cutting away for these years
these years like left over one-time-use items
I wash them after
insist on getting m--e
of my share

Finally the truth
[much is worth less
than initially sequenced]
essential code fragments
figures notes text on page

All that
as if less than
or more emptiness

achieves better results

Add it all on only to take it off
 Add it all on only to take it off
  Add it all on only to take it off

    it all     only to take   it
 Add            to              off
              on        off

 As if writing soars
like wings for elusive
nature       sadly falling
one feather at a time

Such tender business
cutting back
through cutting
slicing out a piece
pie that life upside
cake down

I feel the loss
of what was
purpose passed potentially promised
father figure
tacking the likeness
next to something
cracking through
yellowed paper peeling now

Why so sad said she
tearing into tenderness
swapping swaddling
hold hard nose
firm boss [bite through]
where remains now

Cut through this
I dare you
can only be done
by -adding back- in
flesh to tender bone

pluto retro grade 5 17 2012


  1. Really like the texture and depth in this poem and how the typographic levels invite multiple, simultaneous reading paths through the poem and the meaning. It's like a playground, a choose-your-own-adventure book.

  2. :-) Yay! I've been noticing a very natural part of Self for me is playful... glad that came through, as the the cutting away of old habitual clingings seems to invite interactive play and adventure! Thank you, as always, for your seeing and speaking it forward!