Saturday, May 10, 2014


despite the pure fluidity of all things
things still seem stuck frozen at times

at times like these when reflections surface
distortions  refractions  images broken up

broken up into many pieces then shorn
as if cohesive and malleable workable

workings as if reliable and functioning
stable we take hold perhaps unawares

unaware of the tenderness of the situation
the pure fluidity of all things and more


  1. Janice - I love this drawing of yours...J

    1. Thanks *J*, I'm only finding your comment now nearly a month ago. I've been taking a needed pause from writing together here, my watercourse has been flowing under the apparent surface. Interestingly when I posted this photo, I noticed that the writing on the other side of the journal page has bled through or transferred through... perhaps like the watercourse I mentioned above.
      Thanks as always for your comments! <3

  2. I haven't tried writing a poem that repeats end words at the beginning of the next line. I love the way you handled that repetition. It echoes the fluidity of the poem and of your drawing. Thanks!

    1. Hi Linda, Just as you are beginning with IMUNURI I needed to take a break, so your much appreciated comment went rather unnoticed until now. Thank you. I find repetitions rather natural, like birdsong repeating amongst other ever repeating cycles of the body's natural abiding. This poem just asked for that somehow, perhaps that is the tenderness that this poem is titled for. Glad to know you are here writing with these wonderful folks and thank you for commenting!