Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's Said in This Poem Stays in This Poem

lock it seal it stuff it bury it
shred it burn it wipe it drown it
no light allowed
no one must know no one
secrets stay secret

what i am doing you will not
you will never
no one will ever

this thing

secrets stay secret you will never know
this thing buried thoughts
my plans I did
tucked away
no one will ever our little
those who have an inkling
locked sealed stuffed buried shredded burned wiped
have been eradicated

no light allowed

no one must know no one
forever know
your mouth
what i am doing you will meltdown
shut not know
no one will ever
see, ever know
this i have done
these things that
sealed in blood
away imagine NO
nailed down shredded
melt no photos no one gets hurt
and their assassins shot
no one knows
quench no notes the light
squelched stifled drowned
seal it sew
nail it shut cement it down
cover it forever
our little shut your
secret mouth
before I


  1. As I thought about this week's writing cue - "dark" - I began ruminating on darkness as a negative metaphor related to secretiveness and suppression, lies, shame, fear. How we can fear the light for what it might expose. As I explored these themes I began to meditate on how we can get completely carried away with cover-ups, how they can take over our lives and lead to catastrophe. I also thought about how the great themes of world religions often concern light coming into the world and people responding with either acceptance and gratefulness, or terror and suppression. We don't want our darkness exposed.

  2. Ed, I really appreciated the tempo and flow of this piece, it feels very strong to me, an invitation to performance? Also, the sense that in order to keep something sealed/locked/shredded, it will require continuous maintenance and insistence. A high maintenance strategy. Reminds me of how secret keeping is related to the fear of death, the long and heavy imprint of denial. Also something suggestive about this insistence: the more it is said not to exist, the more it is claimed (a kind of lacuna?). In general my focus is on reclaiming darkness and getting out from under this culture's implicit cultural racism of light-good/dark-bad -- which is not actually a universal cultural affiliation. But I like what happened here in your exploration of how the fear of exposure of "secretiveness and suppression, lies, shame, fear" slices across dimensions of our experience. Bravo!